Evergreen - Fuzz

Evergreen - Fuzz

Evergreen Fuzz: The DOOM Muff - This pedal has been tuned for massive low end and heavy riffs. At it's foundation, this pedal is a modernized version of the Green Russian Big Muff. The green Russian circuit was modified to include multiple diode configurations, a fully adjustable noise gate, a mid boost/scoop knob, and, most importantly "Supa Tonebender Mode". With the Evergreen Fuzz, you will finally be able to dial in the elusive Fuzz tone you have been chasing after.

External Controls:
Vol - Adjusts the overall output of the pedal.
Muff - From flat response to classic muff, this controls the mid-scoop.
Bass - Standard tone knob with some extra bass on tap
Gain - Crank it clockwise for amp crushing, face melting Fuzz.
Gate - Dial in a Velcro fuzz, this is a fully adjustable noise gate.
Mode - Switches between three different clipping options.

Internal Controls:
Comp - This switch removes the first set of clipping diodes for a more dynamic, less compressed sound. Removing the first set of diodes turns this pedal into a Supa Tonebender.

Designed to be used with standard 9v jacks with a center ground.

Due to these pedals being hand built, this product may have minor variations between builds. Enclosures may have minor blemishes from handling during assembly, testing, or shipping. We do our best to handle and ship them all safely so please forgive any small cosmetic defects. They are built by hand after all, not by factory robots