Vostok - Fuzz

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Vostok - Fuzz

Vostok Fuzz: Don't be fooled by the utilitarian simplicity, this one knob fuzz is a silicon doom machine.

The Fuzz: Structurally similar to a Silicon Fuzz Face but with a bigger and more modern sound. The transistors in this pedal are biased wide open and leave nothing on the table. This produces a wild sputtering fuzz with an endless well of sustain. The fuzz will react to your guitars volume knob and can produce smoother or wilder tones based on the input volume.

External Controls:
Thrust - This controls the overall output and fuzz of the pedal.
Ascent - Tuned for soaring leads and articulate detail. Perfect for cutting through a heavy mix.
Descent - Tuned for heavy riffs and chugging. Drop your tuning and unleash the full power of your gear.

Internal Controls:
T1 - This internal trimmer sets the bias of the gain stage. The pedal comes stock at 4.5v which provides an aggressive and dynamic gain structure. Adjusting this knob will change the character of the fuzz from a smooth growl to a sputtering gated Velcro fuzz of doom. Be sure to note the original location of this trim pot before making adjustments. There is a Bias pad available on the PCB to allow fine adjustments if you happen to have a DMM handy for fine tuning.

The Transistors: This pedal uses a 2n2222 and the now obsolete Bc182L. They have been individually tested, sorted and matched to each unique pedal to provide minimal noise and optimal performance.

Note: While this is a modern pedal, it is still loosely based on the Fuzz Face. Like a Fuzz Face, this pedal is sensitive to its position in your signal chain and provides optimal performance when placed near the front of the pedal chain or before any buffers.

Designed to be used with standard 9v jacks with a center ground.

Due to these pedals being hand built, this product may have minor variations between builds. Enclosures may have minor blemishes from handling during assembly, testing, or shipping. We do our best to handle and ship them all safely so please forgive any small cosmetic defects. They are built by hand after all, not by factory robots