Midwest Driver

Midwest Driver

The Midwest Driver is a heavily modified circuit built by 903 Effects. This design is based on the Blues Driver but has been modified to the Galaxie mod specs. This is not simply a BD-2 Clone with a few diode swaps. The Galaxie mod is an extensive mod that replaces half of the passive components, completely transforming the pedal into something new. This mod was originally designed by Machine Head Pedals.

Machine Head Pedals says the following about the Galaxie Mod:

"GALAXIE Mod If you've been searching for a mod for the BD-2 that plays to it's true strengths and has tone and gain controls that sound great throughout the entire range, then read on!

The GALAXIE Mod was created to:

Reduce the gain to soften the tones, which gives the harmonics more room to work. You trade some boost for tone.

Sound absolutely fat and round through the brightest amp.

Completely overhaul the tonal balance - the tone control becomes completely functional

Remove the splat and mush, all the way up to the max gain setting.

Eliminate any need to go to minimum tone settings to reduce treble "spikes" and squealing feedback - at most gain/boost settings, 10:00 to 2:00 is usually perfect but can still self oscillate or squeal at the highest settings, especially if nothing is plugged into the input jack."

Designed to be used with standard 9v jacks with a center ground.

Photos may vary slightly to the received product as all pedals are built by hand and may have slight variations between builds.