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The Rune: At its foundation this pedal is a modded rat with an independently switchable dirty boost in front. This Rat uses components that have achieved near legendary status within the guitar electronics world. These parts are literal Runes from past eras that have been imbued with levels of mojo that can't be found in commercial pedals.

LM308H: This chip is the heart and soul of the rat. The original chips are known for their slow slew rate that gives them their unique and iconic tone. The LM308H is the metal can version of this device and was used in the very first versions of the rat when they were hand made in the late 70s.

1N34A Diodes: While not originally used in the rat. These germanium diodes were most famously used in the Klon and were responsible for that smooth, warm, and well rounded overdrive. These same characteristics translate well in the rat, and really tame the distortion into a harmonically rich overdrive.

The Pedal: this pedal has the standard controls of a typical Rat.

 Gain- Sets the distortion level

 Tone- Is a filter to dial in the tone

 Vol- Sets the overall output volume

This pedal also has a diode switch for 3 different flavors
 SI- this is the standard rat diode, aggressive and hairy.

 Led- this is the Turbo rat, it's much louder, more open and perfect for Bass or heavy riffs.

 GE- Germanium diodes for a well rounded and uniquely vintage character.

Boost- the left footswitch.
The pedal also comes equipped with a dirty boost that can be activated independently from the rat. Kick it on with the rat to unleash massive walls of distortion.

The trim-pot on the inside of the boost footswitch can be used to set your desired level of boost. Higher levels will drive the distortion side into heavy fuzz territory, but will be less useful as a standalone boost.

Reutz Mod: The switch on the bottom right side of the PCB can be used to easily enable the reutz mod. This mod removes a resistor/capacitor pair for more bass and a mild, smooth tone.

This pedal is not a part for part Rat clone. It has been carefully tuned to be more refined, while still retaining all of the character of the rat. This is the one rat to rule them all.

Designed to be used with standard 9v jacks with a center ground.

Due to these pedals being hand built, this product may have minor variations between builds. Enclosures may have minor blemishes from handling during assembly, testing, or shipping. We do our best to handle and ship them all safely so please forgive any small cosmetic defects. They are built by hand after all, not by factory robots