DREAD: For when the typical Fuzz pedal just isn't enough. For when you crave the earth-shattering weight of pure sonic oblivion. This isn't your ordinary dirt box; it's a carefully crafted two-headed beast, a monstrous marriage of the legendary Rat and the infamous Russian Muff, wired in series to deliver a wall of doom so thick, it'll swallow your audience whole.

The Rat's searing, mid-focused aggression lays the foundation, while the Muff's thunderous low-end rumble adds a layer of bone-rattling devastation. Together, they create a distortion so thick and heavy, it feels like you're playing through a collapsing mountain. Think Sunn O))), Boris, Electric Wizard – Dread is the sound of tectonic plates grinding together, of glaciers calving into the abyss.

But Dread isn't just about pure sonic savagery. Its surprisingly nuanced controls allow you to sculpt your tone with precision. Each circuit is built using the standard 3 controls (Volume, Tone, Gain) with an additional control to adjust the character of each drive - "Body". The Rat's Body knob acts as a variable Reutz mod, letting you dial in anything from searing highs to scooped-out sludge (Will feedback loop when cranked to full if that's your thing), while the Muff's body knob acts as a midrange boost to sculpt various levels of grit to your sonic assault.

Whether you're a doom purist, a stoner metal aficionado, or simply a guitar player who craves the heaviest of the heavy, Dread will quickly become your sonic weapon of choice. It's built to last, housed in a rugged metal enclosure that can withstand the most punishing stage abuse. And with its true-bypass switching, your clean tone remains crystal clear when you're not channeling the apocalypse.

Dread is simple, brutal, and utterly uncompromising. No menus, no toggles, no tap dancing. Just one stomp to engage both effects – This pedal is all doom, all the time.

Rat into Muff using the Rune and Evergreen as the foundation.